GoInstant will be discontinued on August 31, 2014.

Read the blog post here to find out what’s next for us and login to export your data.

AngularJS + GoInstant

Focus on building your Angular application, we've got your back(end).

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Get up and running in minutes, without writing server-side code or configuring databases. Just include & configure GoAngular, instantiate, initialize, and your Angular application is multi-user!

Getting Started

GoAngular is a GoInstant-powered data synchronization and storage integration built for Angular. It’s the perfect companion for building realtime, collaborative apps. This tutorial will walk you through creating your first GoAngular application and address the massive shortage of chat applications on the web. (OK, we know there isn’t a shortage of chat apps on the web, but there aren’t any like this! OK, there are... but this uses GoAngular, which is awesome, trust me.)

Visit the GoAngular Getting Started page to see the full tutorial.

Links: Getting Started Tutorial, Source files, Live Demo

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