Choosing the Right Sheets for Your Mattress

Do not be quiet about your bed sheets.

A good mattress would really be nothing if the bed sheets or linens are uncomfortable and unsuitable. A premium mattress, for instance, may be rendered useless if the sheets are itchy and does not make sleep any better. As such, it is important that one should be equipped with the proper knowledge regarding bed sheets. Fret not, listed are the most important things to consider when choosing the right sheets for your mattress.

Thread Count

When it’s about sheets and blankets, people often get too fixated on thread count or the number of threads in a square inch. It is often used as an indication of the quality of the fabric in terms of durability and smoothness. However, thread count can be tricky and is often unreliable. It can come into play, but the type of fabric or the material will play a more important role.

Do not be quiet about your bed sheets.
Do not be quiet about your bed sheets.


The best material that should be used for the most satisfying sleep is not a fixed thing. Similar to differences in the firmness of a mattress, people often have differences in the material of their bed sheet. Thus, do not be pressured by those who may say that one material is the best for you.


The weave of the material or the way they are woven together plays a factor in comfort. This plays a role in the final feel of a sheet. For instance, loosely woven materials are cool to the touch while more tightly woven sheets are ideal for cooler nights.


The season or the climate in your place should matter when selecting a proper bed sheet. Of course, one would prefer sheets that facilitate air circulation and feel cooler during summers. Likewise, when it’s cold, thicker bed sheets may be desirable. Thus, the weave should be considered.


A good bed sheet can be rendered useless if the users do not take care of it properly. Proper care is important, especially when washing sheets. Keep in mind of the specific washing instructions for your sheets so you may use them longer while keeping them in their prime state.