Going Green: Learn About Organic Mattress

The mattresses that are commonly bought in stores usually face problems like chemical exposures caused by the fire retardant chemicals in them, high electromagnetic frequencies due to the coils and springs in the interior, and mold and termite attacks. These problems often cause health problems that may range from the ordinary skin irritation to more serious heart and lung conditions. As such, there is the need to shift the usage to organic, or green mattresses, which are free from these problems.

What is actually ‘organic’?

When a mattress is classified as ‘organic,’ it does not necessarily mean that the product is purely made of organic materials. It is only called as such when the final product is made of at least 95 percent organic materials. Furthermore, to make sure that the components are organic, a certain agency called the Control Union certifies that the main component of the foam in mattresses, is indeed, organic under the provisions of Global Organic Latex Standards (GOLS).


Organic mattress has its different parts made from organic materials, as compared with the more common synthetic foams and fabrics. The most common materials used for organic mattresses are wool (for the fabric), and cotton (for the padding). Wool is commonly used for luxurious beds since it is resilient and has a flame retardant property. Cotton, on the other hand, is widely used due to its ability to circulate air. The latex trees, moreover, are grown organically (without artificial fertilizers and other related products), and then the trees will be processed to create the mattresses.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Organic materials are generally free from pesticides and other chemicals. This makes organic mattresses free from many allergens and ideal for those who are sensitive to the more traditionally used materials in other mattresses. Moreover, people using this type of mattresses can be free from possible allergies from chemical adhesives. However, it is also important to consider its possible drawbacks, especially when buying a new one, such as its availability and relatively low number of options. Also, most people are unaware of this product, and if they are, they must know that one green mattress is more expensive than regular ones.