Great Tips in Maximizing Space in the Bedroom

Your space might be limited in the bedroom, but you want to make the best of it. Similarly, you might have tons of stuff, but have no idea how to fit them properly in your room without making it look too restricted. To address this, there are many options. For instance, the kind of bed, mattress or furniture you should buy should be space saving or at least do not make your room look smaller. Here are tips on how to select them.


  • For room-sharing, a bed bunk may already save you enough space since it occupies a vertical space rather than floor space. It may be modified to appear more appealing and can likewise be enjoyed by children.
  • Moving the bed higher can also make use of vertical space better. This allows one to put more storage through shelves or cabinets under the bed. Some may also opt for higher bed spaces and place their working space or desks under it. This option is a space-saver and modern at the same time.
  • Beds may also be allowed to be hidden through the ceiling, then lowered when needed. Some may also find it interesting to hide beds under the floor or purchase roll-away beds.
  • Stacking beds may also be an option. When more bed space is needed, one only needs to unstack and expand the bed. The same thing goes for sofa beds.

Color Choice

The color of a room highly influences one’s perception of space. The use of light and cool colors instantly makes a bedroom appear larger. However, some may not be into an all-white room. As such, consider using accents or different shades that appear cool to the eyes. Avoid darker hues since they may make a room look smaller and trap heat.

Multipurpose Furniture

bedroom-spaceHaving too much furniture, especially bulky ones, can make a room appear smaller. A nightstand, dresser, vanity table, desk and the bed will take up too much space. In this case, use furniture that can serve many purpose. For instance, choose a desk that may also function as a side table.